Why Companies Trust AV Integrators Than Doing It Themselves

To succeed in business, you must have first-rate audio visual equipment (AV). If you have decided to invest in a new AV suite for your boardroom or other space in your building, you should bring in AV integrators to help you set the system up. If you are like most companies, your people have neither the time nor the skill to carry out this kind of work. That is why most companies trust professional AV integrators to do the job.

The Complex Landscape of AV Technology

Advanced audio-visual (AV) technology is no longer a frill in the corporate world. Whether you are pitching to new clients or presenting a new idea to the executive board, the people you are communicating to expect to be engaged, dazzled, and even entertained. Your various AV devices must be thoroughly integrated and must operate seamlessly. Even if you have a coterie of techies in your organisation, they should not be given the task of integrating your AV system. That job should be put into the hands of professionals.

AV integration requires more than technical expertise. The people involved in it must have a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities. They must also have the right qualifications and enough experience to do the job well.

Expertise Matters: The Role of AV Integrators

AV systems integrators have a deep understanding of AV technologies. You should only work with certified professionals. The people you bring onboard to do your system integration should possess credentials such as Certified Technology Specialist (CTS), Certified Technology Specialist-Design (CTS-D), and Certified Technology Specialist–Installation (CTS-I). They need not have all of them. Different people will have different levels of experience and training. However, the technician who does your installation and system integration should have at least one good certification.

In any case, your AV integration team should have comprehensive knowledge of audio, video, and control systems. They should also have masterly knowledge of networking and IT infrastructure. They should be up-to-date with the latest AV trends, products, and industry standards and be proficient in a variety of programming languages.

Time and Cost Efficiency

One of the main reasons for hiring an AV integrator is to save time and effort. AV integration projects often pose unique problems that require innovative solutions. The last thing you want is to assemble a team from your workforce to do the integration only for them to get bogged down for days in trying to overcome challenges that have stumped them. It is much better to put the project in the hands of people who possess solid problem-solving abilities.

AV integrators have the experience and expertise to overcome a variety of technical obstacles. They can find creative ways to optimise system performance. They can also anticipate and mitigate potential problems before they come up, which will save time and cost in the installation and integration of your AV system.

Customization and Scalability

There are plenty of devices to choose from. You may have a preference for devices from one company rather than another and the AV integrators you hire should understand that. For this reason, you must hire AV integrators who are familiar with the many choices on the market today. The firm you work with should listen to what you have to say about the goals, aims, and standards of your business. They should be able to make solid recommendations based on this insight. But in the end, they should make the best of the brands that you choose. They should be able to customise your AV integration based on your needs and preferences.

Scalability is also important. Your AV system should be scaled to the appropriate suit the particular size of the space.

Seamless Integration and Compatibility

Your AV devices will not work properly if they are not properly and seamlessly integrated. This comes down to details. AV integrators have the experience and expertise to ensure the devices you have purchased are compatible with one another. They all have an eye for detail to ensure that your installation is precise and flawless and that your system is seamlessly integrated.

Cable runs, equipment, placement, system configurations, signal flow, acoustics, and visual aesthetics—these are all parts and factors of an AV system integration project. The smallest oversight in bringing these things together can lead to problems. That is why the job must be put into the hands of people who know what they are doing.


The best way to save time and money on your AV integration is to hire experienced, qualified, and certified AV integrators. If you are thinking of updating your AV suite, then you should contact JVN Systems.

For 25 years JVN Systems has been delivering high-quality AV services. As a certified AV design consultant, JVN Systems ensures all of the pieces are in place to deliver systems exactly as promised. JVN Systems correctly and efficiently translates technology designs into fully functioning AV systems. This comprehensive approach is unique in the world of audiovisual systems and it’s what sets JVN Systems atop our industry.

System consultants are invested in concepts, not the actual project execution. And installers are on the bid clock and often ill-prepared to deliver on a designer’s specs. The result: A project translation gap that means missed deadlines, unexpected compromises, systems that never seem to work right, and, inevitably, extra expenses. Not with JVN Systems. Our team is invested in the client at every step with a start-to-finish approach that designs and delivers sophisticated AV systems on time, on budget, and fully operable.

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