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Conference Rooms Equipment

Businesses are global today; be it a small firm with clientele around the globe or a start-up with small teams at various locations, web conferencing is something that every modern business requires. Conference Rooms are traditionally used for meetings of people. A well set up Conference Room enables businesses for seamless communication and collaboration. Modern Audio & Visual Conference Rooms are often also used for communicating with other conference rooms as well as individuals in various locations.

Our talented engineers devise innovative conference room audio visual solutions for your complex problems and business needs. Our engineers go beyond the stated manufacturer’s claims and recommendations to get the best out of your conference room equipment. They know each product’s limitations and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

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Video Conferencing Solutions

When most of your teleconferencing is around collaborating through visual information like alpha-numerics, graphics, documents, or video pictures, video-only conference rooms is what your business needs. It uses narrowband telecommunication channels as there is no requirement of two-way audio streaming. It is something like a video wall but is used only during conferences.

Audio Conference Rooms

Some conferences don’t require a visual representation or screen sharing to make it successful. Attendees can connect to the voice-only conferences through telephone lines or the internet without any need of launching the screen-sharing or camera. JVN Systems set up audio conference rooms with enhanced audio kits for echo-free, zero audio drops, faintless audio teleconferencing.

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Audio Video Conference Rooms

Most conferences require both active audio and video communication for successful meetings. Audio and Visual system facilitates collaboration between people in remote locations easy. You can easily switch between one-way-audio/video and two-way-audio/video modes, as per the meeting’s requirements with advanced AV kits.

Why Hi-Tech Audio Visual Solutions For Conference Rooms Is Important

In order to facilitate communication between various locations, video conference cameras and audio conference equipment is utilized. It makes the process of capturing video and audio and transmitting it from one location to another seamless. At JVN Systems, we use advanced audio and video teleconferencing techniques to bring your callers and meetings to life. We can generate this experience even for clients who choose to work with less expensive video conferencing equipment that isn’t manufactured for advanced HD telepresence purposes.

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What Are The Audio Visual Equipment For The Conference Room?

There are various platforms for Video and Audio Teleconferencing. Traditional codecs such as Cisco and Polycom have been quite popular and still are, as well as what are called soft-codecs, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GoTo Meeting, and others are also used quite often.

For the traditional codecs, equipment from Cisco or Polycom are used. Often larger rooms require third-party audio solutions with microphones from Shure and Audio Processors from Biamp and QSC. When properly deployed, these systems provide excellent audio quality and allow for the room to be heard by remote participants very clearly.

With the soft-codec rooms, a standard small PC or NUC runs the software, and high definition USB cameras and USB based Audio Processors from Shure, Biamp, and QSC provide for the video and audio into the PC. Again, selecting and deploying everything properly is the key for these systems to give and capture Crystal Clear Video and Audio.

We provide innovative audio video conference room solutions at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers, and our clients appreciate us for it. JVN Systems make sure you have streamlined audio video conference room system from top to bottom for better business growth. Contact us today to transform your meetings from mediocre to spectacular.


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