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Huddle Room Video Conferencing Solutions

Huddle Rooms are prevalent in today’s corporate and institutional environments. Whether you are presenting to a remote audience, meeting in small teams, or having a small private conference with your team, incorporating affordable collaboration hubs can be an integral part of your business. Given the prevalence of these rooms, cost-effective systems that still provide quality Audio and Video, are needed. The unique room design of these rooms often impacts the camera choice due to specific viewing angle requirements.

We’re experts at identifying your company’s unique needs and creating a corporate setup that works for you. When you need a systematic small conference area for presenting your ideas, charts, graphics, and more, you can turn to JVN Systems. We’re ready to outfit any other space in your building with the technology and our build out solutions you need to drive productivity.

Working with your list of criteria and the scope of the project, we find the best commercial audio-visual technology solutions for you. We can incorporate a full range of options for your office that meets your needs on every level. If you aren’t sure of your needs, we’ll help you find the best elements for your system and corporate environment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand-new company or an established pillar of the industry, we are ready to take care of every audio-visual need.

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Huddle Room Video Conferencing Solutions

Package kits from companies like Crestron, Cisco, Polycom are typically used for these rooms. When installed professionally, these rooms, like all those JVN Systems equip, work flawlessly and consistently. A standard User Experience exists between these rooms and the larger rooms in the enterprise environment. Other equipment in huddle rooms that need control, such as shades and lighting, can be seamlessly provided through the one User Interface Device.


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