Boardroom Audio & Video Solutions

Boardroom Audio Video Solutions

Boardrooms are larger conference rooms and often feature high-end architectural elements and high-tech equipment. Boardrooms are the place where companies make or break. That’s why they require exceptional quality Audio and a large Video screen for conferencing as well as ease of use for each participant.

Common Features and Functions of Boardroom AV Systems

In addition to Video and Audio Teleconferencing, Boardrooms often have peripheral equipment that requires integration, such as lighting and shades. Additionally, due to the size of boardrooms, they often already have an existing projection screen in place and just require more control over it. With an integrated system, no matter what the platform is, control of all room elements can be performed. The executive use of these rooms demands the best Video and Audio quality that only an experienced integration firm like JVN Systems can provide. JVN Systems has over 20 years of experience in high-end corporate environments and can provide the end-users with an exceptional experience.

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The talented engineers at JVN Systems devise innovative Boardroom audio visual solutions for your complex conferencing problems and needs. Our engineers get the best out of equipment by using the most optimal setup for your boardroom.

Our advanced audio and video teleconferencing techniques bring the best meeting experience with clients and board members to life. Our brilliance in boardroom setup is never restricted by the budget. We can even create an exemplary boardroom for clients who choose to work with less expensive audio-visual conferencing equipment that lacks advanced HD telecommunication features.

Boardroom AV Equipment

The type of codec that is the standard for the client, if one exists, somewhat determines the types of peripheral equipment that is utilized to achieve the right solution.

JVN Systems is platform agnostic in our approach and can accommodate any time of Video and Audio conferencing platform. Audio equipment from manufacturers such as Shure, Biamp, QSC, and others provide exceptional audio quality. Video cameras from the codec manufacturer are usually high-end cameras, and when required, third party manufacturers such as Aver, Huddly, and One Beyond are employed.

We can often find innovative video conference room solutions at a lower cost than other conference room technology suppliers due to our exclusive and distinct supply network. And our clients appreciate the additional saving they can make without compromising of quality of equipment.


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