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Modern offices tend to be quiet spaces. This quietness is necessary for employees to think and work through their daily tasks with better focus. But they also need to discuss matters with their coworkers, and not every employee in your office has a private room. Nor will they be able to use a conference room every time they want to hold a private conversation.

Whether you use cubicles or an open-space plan, most of your associates will have to hold such discussions in the open. It can be a big concern as everything is not for everyone to hear. It can lead to more gossip and less work. To address this, JVN Systems offer high-quality, reliable sound masking solutions for your workspace and ensure that your employees can have private conversations without distractions.

What is Sound Masking?

Speech privacy is one of the biggest concerns of modern offices. Sound masking is an effective and rather inexpensive way to address it.

Sound masking is the process of adding unobtrusive sound into an office. The sound masking installation reduce the intelligibility of human speech, which does two things—provides greater speech privacy and reduces the distraction of individual conversations in the office.

You might have been to a large indoor space where numerous people are chatting at a moderate volume, yet you probably noticed how much easier it is to have your conversation or to even sit quietly and read a book. That’s sound masking.

Sound masking does not eradicate disruptive noise entirely, but our engineers ensure it drowns out to such a level that it becomes negligible. We use top-of-the-line sound masking devices to reduce the radius of distraction to 15 feet—which means the speech farther than 15 feet away becomes unintelligible.

JVN Systems are specialists in installing a complete sound masking system. We design and integrate the right sound masking systems to increase your workplace productivity and acoustic privacy.

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Where Do We Install Sound Masking Systems?

Office Sound Masking System

Office Sound Masking System

The place where most of your employees work—should be fitted with a sound masking system. This allows them a modicum of speech privacy. It will, at the same time, save others on the office floor from distraction.

Conference Rooms Sound Masking System

Conference Rooms Sound Masking System

It is wise to install sound masking in a conference room. There are times when different groups of people may need to use the space at the same time. This will allow them to keep their discussions somewhat private.

Boardrooms Sound Masking System

Boardrooms Sound Masking System

Even when your executives meet, they should be able to hold confidential conversations with one another. This can inspire the leaders in your company to speak more candidly on crucial discussions and decisions.

Why do You Need Sound Masking?

Reduce Distracting Background Noise

Protect Speech

Boosts Workplace Productivity

Enhance Workplace

How Does Sound Masking Work?

Sound masking systems artificially increase the ambient background sound in a way that levels the sonic landscape and eliminates awkward and jarring noises. They aim to decrease the ability of everyone in an open workspace to hear a private conversation between two individuals.

Our sound masking system experts spread an engineered broadband sound across a given space through a network of loudspeakers to ensure unified, uniform, and seamless coverage.

Sound Masking Systems Work

Sound Masking System Installation By JVN Systems

JVN Systems is a leader in audio-visual solutions and services for business offices throughout the US. The company is pleased to announce the addition of sound masking system installation to its range of AV services.

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Sound Masking System Installation

Brands We Use

Lencore Sound Masking System

Biamp/Cambridge Sound Masking System

Atlas/IED Sound Masking System

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