How AV Systems Can Help You Close More Deals

To be successful in business, you must keep up with the latest technologies and innovations. Such things are no longer mere curiosities. The world of business is now largely run through systems and platforms that were once limited to more geeky corners of commerce. Any client that you are trying to court will expect you to have a world-class audio visual (AV) system whenever you meet with them in-person or online.

AV systems use a range of visual and audio technologies to create a stimulating and engaging environment. They can be used for day-to-day work meetings; they can also be used to put on a show for prospective clients. The use of AV for client engagement can be of tremendous value to your company. The right AV system will enhance your office interior and assist your sales teams. A properly configured and integrated AV system can help you close the deal—it can help you win new projects, earn more revenue, and set your company on a path to success.

What is Audio Visual Systems Integration?

AV systems integration refers to the introduction and systematic arrangement of audio and visual technology to meet business needs in an efficient, effective, and holistic way. Linking your AV systems together and ensuring that your team is able to move from one system to another seamlessly during a sales pitch presentation will help you close the deal. You want to put your sales team in a position to deliver this kind of presentation each time you are trying to land a client.

An integrated AV system is no longer a bunch of gadgets that give your company the appearance of being hip. It is an essential element of business success. It will be worth the investment. Here are some of the specific things you can expect.

AV Systems for Enhanced Sales Presentations

AV Systems for Enhanced Sales Presentations

The first thing to understand is that prospective clients expect to be dazzled by high-quality images, graphics, and sound. The divide between old-school business executives who seek bare-bones presentations that cut to the chase and younger executives who like high-quality AV features no longer exists. Even the old timers expect presentations that show an effort to impress them. And in many cases, you will be dealing with clients who grew up surrounded by computer-generated images. Their minds respond better to presentations that incorporate these things.

Installing an integrated AV system will help you pitch your idea in a way that is interesting, entertaining, and engaging. You will be able to bring together video, audio, and graphic illustrations in a way that will make your pitch compelling.

Your AV system should not be limited to the boardroom. You should take every opportunity to promote your brand. Your AV system should extend to waiting rooms and reception so that what you stand for and what your business does are constantly reinforced. First impressions matter. And having great visuals that clients see the moment they enter your office will make a good and lasting first impression.

No Video or Distorted Video

Disrupted and degraded video during a sales meeting is not only embarrassing; it can kill a potential deal. The best way to minimize the risk of such an event is to ensure your office is equipped with the latest and most reliable technology. Video distortions are often the result of a system that is overloaded with data and is without the capacity to process more than one operation at a time. You can avoid this kind of disruption if your AV units come as an integrated system.

State-of-the art AV systems contain simple connections and display video at the click of a button.

AV Systems for Personalized Sales Interactions

Any veteran sales person understands the importance of catering a presentation to speak directly to the needs and preoccupations of the client in front of you. Most successful entrepreneurs and experienced executives can sniff out a boilerplate presentation. To close the deal, you must make a sales presentation that shows you have mastered the problems and issues of a prospective client and can offer them the solutions they require.

The best AV systems allow you to create such personalized sales interactions. It will give you the ability to pitch to the people who are in the room and to those in other locations. A state-of-the-art integrated AV system will give you the means to engage with each client on their own terms.

AV Systems for Effective Follow-up and Customer Engagement

A sound AV system will also give you the means to stay connected to prospective clients and clients with whom you have closed the deal. Among other things, the technology gives you the means to host special sales events on a large screen. The organizers of such an event can ensure the information you want to put out is relayed to audiences on a large scale. Your sales team can even create a hashtag and ask people to tweet or post about what they are seeing and live stream comments on screen.

Trust JVN Systems

If you are looking to update your AV suite, it is important to work with professionals. For more than 25 years, we have worked hand in hand with thousands of organizations to design a solution that best fits their needs and remains simple to use.

JVN Systems designs, deploys, installs, supports, and services audio visual solutions focused on how teams work. The AV systems we design and implement for our clients support distance collaboration, which is vital in today’s workforce structure. This mindset is what sets us apart from other AV integrators still predominantly focused on room equipment rather than the dynamics of the people utilizing the room, including those people collaborating from elsewhere.

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