LAN Cabling: The Foundation of Efficient Modern Offices

Communication is one of the cornerstones of a business environment. For a reliable tele-data network, you need to have the correct cable. That is where LAN cabling becomes the foundation of efficient modern offices. Investing in new LAN Cabling or an upgrade is a big decision that should support future technologies. Thus, it is imperative to get the LAN Cabling done by a certified installer who works with a knowledgeable engineering team.

You might ask why certified installer only? Or what are the benefits of certified LAN cabling?

Importance of Cable Installation by Certified LAN Cable Installer

When it comes to LAN cable installation, a certified cable installer gives you various benefits over a non-certified installer. From comprehensive warranty to efficient installations, they provide everything you need for a fully functional, high-performance LAN cable installation.

Getting the best product installations backed by a reliable warranty is essential for long-lasting performance. A certified cabling installer takes care of this aspect by giving you an end to end comprehensive warranty.

Why Certified Installers? Here are the reasons:

1. Knowledgeable

Technology is the business of Certified Installers; that’s why they spend a lot of time learning skills and gaining certification. To maintain the certification, they need to stay updated with industry Technology and Standards. This up-to-date knowledge helps reduce the cost of installation by using the latest products and techniques.

They deploy the execution with perfection and keep the installation error free.

2. Extended Product Warranties

Certified Installers offer extended warranties that are not available with non-certified installers. Their certification and knowledge enable them to provide an end-to-end warranty.

3. Engineering

In connection with system engineers who design the cabling system, certified installers have the information they need for each particular job they install. Also, with backing by system engineers, these installers are able to provide documentation of the installation for the client’s records.

What Is Certified LAN Cabling and What Are the Benefits?

A certified LAN cable system is warrantied by the manufacturer of the components for several decades when the installation is performed by an installer that is certified by the manufacturer.

• Performance: Cable is installed for maximum bandwidth. Each cable is tested and certified end-to-end to meet the requirement of the manufacturer. The certification results are given to the client for their records.

• Reliability: With quality components from the major cabling manufacturers, your network is going to be reliable.

• Durability: With certified LAN cabling, you will have a LAN cable infrastructure system that will last for years.

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