What Audio Visual Technology Refresh Mean for Modern Businesses

Modern businesses use all types of audio visual devices to communicate and collaborate with clients, partners, and other team members. The key to getting the most out of this AV technology is taking advantage of its unyielding advances. The AV industry is one of the most rapidly evolving industries, and the companies that make devices for AV conferences are constantly updating and improving the ways these devices work. 

So the investment in the AV suite is not a one-time affair. After a while, the equipment will not only feel out of date but also be out of date. And being behind the technological curve in AV can negatively impact your communications and collaborations and thus, the business. That is why an audio visual technology refresh becomes so critical for modern businesses.

What is an Audio Visual Technology Refresh?

An audio visual technology refresh is an administrative plan that allows you to evaluate and replace key components of your AV infrastructure. There is no standard way of planning this cycle. The way that you do it will depend on your company’s needs. A technology refresh allows you to audit existing infrastructure while working toward improvements and maintenance. It will help you standardize the functionality of your equipment while integrating newer technologies available in the market.

Why Modern Businesses Need an Audio Visual Technology Refresh?

Doing an AV technology refresh gives you an assurance that your AV suite will remain relevant for years to come. A refresh simply expands the capabilities of the current infrastructure with the latest, more advanced components and features. Carrying out a technology refresh introduces better interconnectivity in your workspace. It also allows you to establish unified management functionality across different AV systems.

An AV technology refresh will also help your business be more cost-effective. Newer systems tend to be more efficient than older ones. As technology advances, it becomes easier to handle, is more compact, and has speedier processing times. Newer devices also consume less energy, have lower maintenance requirements, and allow easier upgrades.

Perhaps the most pressing reason for doing an AV technology refresh is to leverage the latest innovations in the industry. As the years go by, LCDs and LEDs become lighter, brighter, and less expensive. Collaborative technologies, including whiteboarding and wireless sharing, continue to expand. A technology refresh is not about having cool gadgets for your staff to play with; it is about using the latest AV technology to overcome present business challenges, improve user experience, and reduce the complexity of your current work environment.

The Benefits of Audio Visual Technology Refresh

No company that hopes to remain competitive can afford to do without an audio visual technology refresh plan. Here are some solid benefits of establishing a refresh cycle:

1. Better productivity and communication

A technology refresh will lower the risk of faulty or malfunctioning audio visual equipment. Less downtime means employee productivity and business revenue go up.

Huddle Room Audio Visual Solution
Modern Huddle Room with Updated AV Solution

2. Brand protection

Keeping your AV suite up-to-date is crucial for your brand reputation. Smooth and versatile AV operations project a current, conscientious, and professional image of your company.

No business in the 21st century can afford to look as though they are old, antiquated, and out of touch with current trends in technology.

3. Minimize costs

As technology advances, it also becomes affordable and efficient. Using the latest AV devices lowers the overall expenses of running the business. But a crucial component of an AV technology refresh plan is to find a provider who can carry out the upgrades. This will save you time, effort, and money. It will also reduce the costs of all future software integration and streamline the refresh process.

4. Innovation

As your company expands and grows, you will need to evolve the way your employees communicate and coordinate to keep up with increased demands. An AV technology refresh will help you expand your capacity on this front. You will receive the newest, fastest, and most advanced devices available.

5. Support and training

The AV provider you choose will install the new technology. They will also provide initial and follow-up training on it. Your team will transition smoothly to the new devices in use.

Why Choose JVN Systems?

With over 24 successful years as a trusted technology partner for various businesses, JVN Systems has the knowledge and experience to deliver the best AV technology. Our engineers do parallel research, along with the manufacturing companies, about what device combinations work best and what setup gives optimum results to specific types of businesses. We train our staff regularly to comply to the latest industry standards. Along with delivering high-quality solutions, we are also quick in understanding complex requirements and nuances of modern-day workplaces. That’s why we focus on providing our clients with an intuitive and streamlined user interface with a device like Crestron Flex. Our goal is to deliver the perfect balance between high on functionality and ease of usability.

Distance collaboration is vital in today’s workforce structure, and the technology updates/installations we do, are done adhering to that. Each device we select during the technology refresh is not just for the present but also for the future. Be it SD-WAN, AI enablement, Wi-Fi 6e/7, or 5G Cellular network-ready devices, we make sure your devices are future-proof. What sets us apart from other AV integrators is the predominant focus on the dynamics of the people utilizing the room, including remote collaborators, rather than just room equipment.

How JVN Systems Give You AV Technology Refresh?

Audio Visual Technology Refresh By JVN Systems
Conference Room Updated By JVN Systems

Setting up an AV technology refresh plan with JVN Systems is straightforward. We will first do a consultation to gather the data to understand the limitations of the current setup and determine the specific areas that need upgradation. We also check whether you need an AV technology refresh or a complete Audio Visual revamp.

Based on these initial assessments, we will recommend the technology & devices you should use and advise you on the frequency of updates. Technology refreshment times fluctuate depending on company needs. Many companies refresh their AV technology every 2 to 3 years. Some who use more future-ready products do it in 4-5 years. JVN Systems designs, deploys, installs, supports, and services audio visual solutions focused on how teams work. So, if you are looking for an audio visual design consultant to give your business an AV technology refresh, contact us! We are a New York-based AV integrator providing services all over the US. We would be happy to help you make your business future ready.

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