Evolution Of The Soft Codec In Huddle Rooms

For smooth communication and collaboration across your organization, you must have a reliable video communication system in the huddle room. Video conferencing gives the teams in your organization a secure and effective way to communicate with one another and send data and information to other teams. Different situations call for different video conferencing architectures, namely soft codec and hard codec in huddle rooms.

Video conferencing devices use codecs. These codecs are computer code that encodes and decodes data streams and signals. Video conferencing rooms make use of soft codecs and hard codecs, depending on the requirement. This article will discuss the use and evolution of soft codecs in huddle rooms.

What Is A Soft Codec?

A soft codec is a codec that comes in software form. Many people call it as Software or Application. ZOOM, SKYPE (Teams), Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, and Webex are just a few of the most well-known examples of Soft Codec. They are referred to as “soft” because they utilize software on a computer to perform the audio and video translations.

Though this may not sound very impressive, it has revolutionized the way organizations communicate, coordinate, and collaborate. It makes it easier for work teams to remotely deliver and store digital information. A soft codec handles the data processing and, anyone can download the software to a web interface, laptop, or other mobile devices wherever they happen to be.

Popular Soft Codec Solutions:

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams lets users meet, collaborate, and work securely from anywhere. It provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office apps and data to give users immediate access required for attending discussions and chats quickly, join meetings with a simple click, and continue to collaborate. Users can easily interact with remote workers, hold & manage virtual meetings, and host virtual events with ease.


Zoom is one of the most widely used communication software that combines cloud video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and remote collaboration into one. Creating meetings is very simple, and participants can join meetings easily with just a single click. This easy to use soft codec provides numerous alternatives to engage and work more efficiently with teams all around the world with its cutting-edge communication and collaboration capabilities.

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting from LogMeIn is a web-conferencing solution that enables users to conduct online business meetings and large-scale web conferences. It facilitates easy collaboration by offering outstanding live screen sharing with HD-quality audio, meeting recording, and drawing options, along with impressive chat, audio, and video conferencing capabilities. With GoToMeeting, users can effortlessly reschedule meetings and share their screen, documents, presentations, and videos/images with other attendees.

4. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is one of the most secure online meeting platforms. It encrypts all your data no matter which plans you use. Cisco Webex offers high-definition visual and audio quality, making the user experience more pleasant and productive. Screen sharing and control functionality don’t affect the quality, and you can easily share or switch between separate windows or the entire desktop. Webex has extensive integration available, like you can map directly to Google Workspace and Outlook to sync your meetings with your calendar.

Working Of Soft Codec In Huddle Rooms?

In contemporary organizations, work is often carried out by a team of people. To complete tasks and provide quality deliverables, teams must have a dedicated space for planned and spontaneous gatherings. That’s where huddle rooms have become a mainstay of corporate life.

Soft codecs are highly prized in huddle rooms because they work effectively with nearly any device. Not everyone in a work team is always in the same space. Especially now, after the pandemic has changed work culture. Even when you are deeply engaged with the client and most of the team is on-site, you may need to connect with those working remotely—either from home or at another location. Soft codec video conferencing removes the difficulty of such an arrangement. It ensures that every one of the team can stay connected with each other no matter where the physical location is.

Importance Of Compatibility Of Hard Codecs In Integrated Solutions

Companies around the world standardize on a Video Conference Platform and from there the meeting rooms of all sizes are built for that platform. ZOOM, SKYPE (now Microsoft Teams), for example, can be used in a large boardroom or auditorium.

JVN makes integrating soft codecs in these rooms possible through the use of integrated audio and video systems. Soft Codec solutions can interop with other companies that have more traditional hard codec solutions.

Hardware That Can Enhance A Soft Codec

Here are some of the most popular and effective soft codec hardware solutions:

A. Crestron Flex

Crestron Flex is a conferencing solution used with Zoom Room, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. The device contains a touchscreen that enables responsive control. It allows individuals to join a call with a single touch. The Crestron Zoom Room Setup by JVN Systems can be managed from the cloud and is highly scalable.

B. Logitech Meetup

Logitech Meetup is a compact video bar that contains an anti-vibration enclosure and integrated audio that works well in small spaces. The device gives excellent audio quality for every meeting. Just like Polycom Studio, it also has an onboard camera that automatically tracks and frames people who are speaking.

C. Biamp Audio

Biamp Audio is a complete audio processing solution that is designed to provide excellent audio for collaborative spaces. JVN Systems excels in designed, installing, configuring, and tuning Biamp audio solutions. We make rooms sound great, and with the advanced functionality brought by Biamp, we can even make challenging rooms sound as good as possible.

D. Third Party Cameras

It is also possible to integrate third-party camera systems into your organization’s teleconference codec.

The bottom line is that both soft and hard codecs are needed in an organization whose teams meet in designated conference room’s onsite and gather in huddle rooms with remote employees.

Modern Hybrid Working Environment And Interop Services

Companies now rely on soft codecs and hard codecs for intense online collaboration and communication. And with various soft codec and hard codec options available today, video conferencing interoperability is extremely important. Video conferencing soft codecs still have some hurdles to communicate with one another by default.

Engineers are working on improving conference room interoperability to make it much easier to connect to third-party meetings. Companies are working together to deliver video conferencing interoperability across various soft codecs for an optimized meeting experience.

Blue Jeans by Verizon is a popular cloud-based interoperable video conferencing service that connects users across a variety of devices and platforms. With live meeting controls, analytics, and automated notifications, it boosts productivity and simplifies management.

Interoperability is a necessary feature not only to broaden unified communication but also to enhance the end-user experience as a whole.

Organizations must have a solid AV system, be it soft codec, hard codec, or a hybrid system, to get the much-needed resilience, agility and flexibility in modern work culture. From the boardroom to the huddle room, you need communications and collaboration solutions that are the right fit to help you improve productivity and tackle the diverse requirements of your work.

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