Office Floor Solutions

Various office space environments can require both audio and video distribution for many reasons. Whether a trading floor occupies the space, or a media team, AV distributions can accomodate the occupants needs. A typical office floor cable TV distribution or PA/Audio system can be made easily managed, with zero downtime.

Network Integration
High performance AV streaming solutions can be integrated into networks to easily distribute AV through IT infrastructure. This reduces the need for additional wire infrastructure in new construction projects, as well as making it easy to integrate into existing network infrastructures, reducing costs in either situation. Additionally, management and system monitoring of AV equipment can then integrate alongside the same tools used in network monitoring, unifying the management of various technology systems within the network. Support and maintenance of the systems can then become proactive and efficient, rather than the headache of reacting to system failures.

Wide Range of Solutions
The sky’s the limit on technology. We have a comprehensive set of technology options including intercoms, office digital signage, LCD displays, projectors, speaker systems and much more. Our technology may be vast, but it won’t leave you feeling left in the dark. Our user-friendly custom panels and service options will let you control the content, rather than having it control you. Our technology will never burden you, but only help you increase awareness, sales, action, and motivation.