Learning Spaces

Training Rooms & Classroom

Technology to better equip corporate training rooms and academia is being deployed by more businesses and educational institutions every year. Especially in planning new rooms, the proper considerations to AV and networking technology in training rooms can make or break user experience, and the overall effectiveness of the learning environment itself. Considerations such as a teacher's writing surface, size of and quantity of monitors or projector screens, inclusion or exclusion of microphones and reinforced audio, resources for the teacher and audience, and network requirements of the space are all very important to get right. With over 20 years experience in technology integration of the learning environment, we are confident our engineers can provide the most effective solution for your location and for your budget.

Lecture Hall

JVN Systems has designed and integrated lecture hall audiovisual systems of all sizes, and has incorporated wide ranges of technology to fit the end user's intended use. Our value-engineering concepts allow us to meet a wide range of budgets for your educational technology needs. It could be a simple podium microphone system with speakers, and a plug and play projector; or a hall designed for web streaming and session recordings. Speak with one of our team members today to determine the best solution for your needs.