Audio Visual System For The Healthcare Client

The JVN Systems Approach ... A leading health care company was faced with an enviable problem: rapid growth. This marketer and manufacturer of health care supplements had seen a steady increase in business over the last few years. To meet the demands of this growth, the company decided to build a 400-seat auditorium onto its Long Island headquarters, where it could communicate its mission at regular meetings with salespeople, employees, managers, franchises and investors. Company planners knew they needed an architect to help them design and build the structure. But how could they ensure that the space would have the first-class, highly flexible audio-visual environment they wanted? JVN Systems answered these concerns by designing and building sophisticated audio visual systems for healthcare industries that allow the auditorium to serve a wide variety of purposes, from a corporate board meeting of a dozen directors to a full-scale theater presentation for 400 associates. JVN's consultants and engineers worked closely with the architect to create an audio-visual framework that fully integrated all essential facility systems. At the same time, JVN's experts made sure the system was highly flexible and easily scalable, befitting the needs of a rapidly growing company whose presentation requirements were still evolving. Just as important, JVN focused on delivering this top-tier, flexible system as cost-effectively as possible. JVN's consultants helped the company identify the right technology for the job, in one instance saving it $40,000 while adding functionality.

The Result ... A four-month project in which JVN's team worked hand-and-hand with the architect and contractor to create a state-of-the-art auditorium. In its first six months of use, the company's auditorium hosted more than 35 meetings, complete with videoconferencing at executive meetings, HR seminars directed from a lectern, and a company-wide theater-style presentations n the room's dramatic centerpiece: a 9-foot-by 12-foot rear-projection screen.

The Flexible Auditorium ...
The System in Detail - Integration and flexibility were the driving forces behind JVN's creation of the auditorium framework. Every essential function is managed by a single touch-control panel or via IP connectivity 校 JVN signature. The multi-function audio visual system is designed to handle a small meeting at a fully equipped table in the front of the room, or a full-scale presentation for a packed auditorium. A separate control room houses two of the system's three equipment racks and administrators who can operate auditorium functions as needed while observing through a discreet glass panel. Here's an in-depth look at our audio visual systems for healthcare companies:

Video - The room is anchored by a massive 9-foot-by-12-foot rear-projection screen system that offers flawless viewing for all audience members. Video sources can be displayed in full screen or broken into quadrants as presentations dictate. Company managers initially planned to install a 9-foot-by-24-foot rear-projection screen system at a significantly higher cost, but JVN's consultants were able to help them take a more effective approach, both in function and budget. Upon further review, the company realized it would only need the 9-by-24 display once or twice a year for special double-screen presentations. The rest of the year, it would have an overly large, overly expensive screen that wouldnⴠfit the room and would create distracting dead space around regular video presentations. Instead, JVN engineered the 9-by-12 rear screen system for regular use and added a 9-by-24 drop-down screen for use when needed, along with two additional projectors in front. The bottom line: a more appropriate and attractive screen for year-round use, 9-by-24 functionality when needed 校nd $40,000 in savings. The system includes five cameras in all for videoconferencing, one portable plasma display, eight preview monitors, and VCR, DVD-R and PC video sources, just to get started.

Audio - The flexible audio framework is powered by a combination of program speakers, ceiling-mounted voice speakers, sub-woofers and a surround-sound system distributed throughout the auditorium. In addition, 24 hard-wired microphones easily plug into floor boxes around the center stage area, and four wireless microphones further support audio functions like the full audio-conferencing system. A custom, ADA-compliant lectern can move around the front tations, or moving to the side to clear the way for the fully equipped executive conference table.

Control - From the master control room to the touch-screen control panel, room functions are fully integrated, easy to manage and always out of sight. Users in the room can handle all of the room's functions in front of an audience via the Crestron Pro2 Control System using an Isys TPS-5000 touch panel. A second TPS-5000 panel allows control-room personnel to operate audio and video functions whenever needed. And the IP connectivity allows a user to operate the entire system off a menu on the screen (pictured at right) using a wireless mouse.

The Company Today - JVN's audio-visual design and implementation have given its client a first-class auditorium perfectly suited to the needs of a growing company that must communicate its message in a variety of way. On any given day, the room can easily morph from an executive boardroom to a training session to a sales rally to an annual company meeting for investors. JVN's cost-effective forward thinking approach has provided the company with a cutting-edge audio-visual environment that will continue to easily grow with the company.