Audio Visual System For The Fortune 500 Firm

The JVN Systems Approach ... JVN Systems delivered the client's requirements with its signature blend of forward thinking consulting, innovative technology and installation expertise.

The Result ... A high-tech but easy-to-use audio-visual framework that meets the unique challenges of each room it touches while offering consistent presentation technologies in every location. JVN developed a comprehensive audio-visual plan that was implemented in more than 30 unique installation projects at a dozen locations over 18 months.
The cutting-edge audio-visual system fully integrates with the necessary IT and facility systems at each site, uniting all vital functions into a single, easy-to-use control panel. Because JVN was responsible for the project at every step always cognizant of the budget and the unique needs of the client this advanced, comprehensive audio-visual framework was built with a budget-oriented approach that ensured the client's requirements were met with the best products and the best value.

One Company, One Vision ...
The System in Detail - The audio-visual system matches intuitive, user-friendly controls with sophisticated presentation technologies. JVN worked closely with a wide variety of staff and vendors- IT, telecom, media services, facilities, contractors, architects, even mill workers to craft an audio-visual framework that fully integrates with all essential systems at each location. Each room had different challenges, but their final systems all share one JVN hallmark: Every essential room function from IP connectivity to video output to volume controls operated by a simple unified control panel. And each system can be monitored, in-house or remotely, via an IP connection that regularly checks system functions and maintenance needs. Here's a closer look at some of the specific installation projects:

Executive Boardroom - The client wanted a state-of-the-art, audio-visual-driven boardroom that was as sophisticated as it was easy to use. JVN delivered by designing and installing a robust framework that gives the executive boardroom at the corporate headquarters in Long Island, NY an unrivaled level of audio-visual excellence. The 22-seat conference table is complemented by dual plasmas, a 105-inch display, recessed cameras, a multi-point video conferencing system and a single, wireless control panel and that's just for starters. Other audio and visual systems features are: Video Sources: The system can display as many as four video sources simultaneously. In addition, laptop presentations can originate from as many as six positions, discreetly built into the table. Other available sources include a five-disk DVD player, which also handles CD audio playback; two VCRs for both playback and record; cable and satellite TV; and two rack-mounted desktop PCs to manage systems integration. Video Displays: The main 105-inch diagonal screen employs rear-projection display, was custom designed and includes a 5100 lumen data projector. Two 50-inch plasma displays are custom-fit into facing walls and can easily rotate out on swivel arms to maximize viewing for all, and then fold back unobtrusively when not in use. Videoconferencing: The Tandberg 6000 multi-point videoconferencing codec, the client's corporate standard, anchors this system. It utilizes a dozen programmable microphones built into the table and three controllable cameras in custom boxes that are recessed into the wall. Audio: Fourteen ceiling speakers are strategically placed around the room for maximum coverage. A dozen hard-wired microphones are mounted in the table, and wireless lapel microphones are available as needed. Other audio sources include CD (via the DVD player), AM-FM radio and a full audio conferencing system.

Conference Rooms - JVN Systems designed and installed a new audio and visual systems technology standard for the corporate audio-visual systems that serve all of the conference rooms, creating a repeatable template that can be installed quickly and cost-effectively across the enterprise. The result is a sophisticated, familiar audio-visual environment that is the same for the staff whether they are in a conference room in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York or any client location. Features include data projectors, electric screens and VCRs; laptop inputs, AUX VGA inputs and AUX video inputs at each conference table position; and a single, wall-mounted control panel that gives users one-touch access to every essential function in their conference rooms.

Solution Centers - JVN designed and built fully integrated audio visual systems for three of the client's Solution Centers. These rooms are designed for client-focused presentations and product demonstrations. Features include a 100-inch rear-screen projection system and a 50-inch plasma display; laptop interfaces built into the floor and lectern; rack-mounted VCR, satellite TV and desktop PC systems; six ceiling- mounted speakers, an 18-inch gooseneck microphone and wireless lapel and handheld microphones; overflow functionality to transmit audio and video to a second room if the meeting is too crowded; a single, one-touch control panel to operate the system.

The Company Today - JVN Systems has given their client a company-wide approach to audio-visual technology that fits every room and every location. The advanced audio-visual framework requires no additional employees or special expertise. The staff now seamlessly use cutting-edge audio-video technologies as naturally as if they were flipping a light switch or turning on a computer, in no small part because the JVN-designed-and-installed system fully integrates all essential facility functions. The end result, carefully out of sight and out of mind.

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Call Today: 631-242-3600