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JVN Systems is a leading provider of audio-visual solutions to Corporate and Academic clients. We design and install a variety of audio-visual solutions including Video Conference Rooms, Audio Teleconference Rooms, Academic Lecture Halls, Multi-purpose Rooms, Telepresence, Distance Learning, Telemedicine, Digital Signage Installations, and various other AV solutions. We handle the audio-visual design and build for office space buildouts of various sizes.

JVN Systems offers various services including audio-visual systems design, installation, maintenance and service, systems upgrades, and control management. Please see our AV Services section below for more information.

Video Conference Rooms ...

At JVN Systems, we design and install easy-to-use high definition video conference room solutions in the New York area that provide stunning images and audio. We integrate state of-the-art audio, video and IT systems into one seamless solution. Utilizing multipoint solutions and touchscreen panels, our conference room AV systems provide many presentation and control options which will make you feel that you are in the same room as your business associates. We pride ourselves in knowing each piece of boardroom audio visual equipment. We know its capabilities, limitations, and how it integrates perfectly with other hardware and software. We will create a natural video conferencing ecosystem within the confines of your office. This is the primary reason Fortune 500 companies pursue our services. Our talented engineers devise innovative conference room audio visual solutions for your complex problems and business needs. Our engineers go beyond the stated manufacturer's claims and recommendations to get the best out of your equipment. They know each product’s limitations and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. We stand behind our conference room AV systems. From the initial site survey to your final video conferencing installation in NY, our personnel continually communicates with you to ensure that your needs are met. We also provide training, maintenance and support so that you can fully benefit from all facets of the equipment. Telepresence At JVN systems of NY, we use advanced video teleconferencing techniques to bring your callers and meetings to life, virtually bringing you and your callers into the same room.Video Conference RoomWe can generate this experience even for clients who choose to work with less expensive video conferencing equipment that isn’t manufactured for advanced HD telepresence purposes. We can often find innovative video conference room solutions at a fraction of the cost of other conference room technology suppliers, and our clients appreciate all we do for them. For example, we met with one client who was quoted for more than $60,000 for a Kodak camera by another contractor, but after analyzing their needs, we suggested a $6,500 camera from Cisco that produced the same results. Optimal Design Our NY layout and design consultants can transform ordinary conference rooms into a world class video collaboration. Our custom-built racks minimize clutter while maximizing performance. Our conference room AV systems engineers optimize your space, screen placement, sound systems and projectors in the most ergonomic and fluid positions to maximize viewing and sound exposure. Modern Audio Visual Equipment We stay on the forefront of the video teleconferencing industry by using the most advanced equipment, including high quality high definition TV displays, high definition cameras, and projectors to give you the clearest image on any channel. Surround Sound Ceiling Microphone Our surround sound systems offer high quality sound without static or interruption to ensure your presentations remain professional and crystal clear. Our video conference audio visual installation and design team knows how to properly configure and install your new system. HD Touch Screens We offer many easy-to-use touch screen options including touch screen televisions, large screen walls, or touch tables. With our solutions, you just need to touch the screen and swipe, using two fingers to expand an image. Web Streaming We can stream your presentation to anywhere in the world, on any device, including a smartphone, desktop computer or tablet. Tablet & Mobile Conferencing & Control System Touch screens allow you to control all of the technology in a room with just your fingers. You can get rid of the remote controls and remove unsightly wall switches and panels from your command center. You can control your conference room audio visual equipment, lighting, shades and even security systems with them, which we can also configure for your smartphones or tablets. Advanced Scheduling With our NYC video conference systems, scheduling is a snap. Real time displays by the conference room doors let passers bys learn about current and future scheduled activities, you can even schedule the use of the space right on the spot. Manufacturers We work with quality technology brands including, Cisco Video Conference Rooms, Tandberg, Crestron, Biamp, Haivision, Digital Projection, Extron, SONY, Sharps, Lifesize, Polycom and many more.

Office Space Buildout ...

Enhancing Your NY Office With Commercial and Corporate Audio Visual Installation Business moves at the speed of technology and we know you want to stay up with the current trends. Whether you are presenting to your investors, having a meeting with shareholders, or just a conference with your NY staff, incorporating an office audio visual system can be an integral part of your business. We’re experts at identifying your company’s unique needs and creating a corporate audio visual setup that works for you. When you need a proven way of presenting your ideas, charts, graphics and more, you can turn to JVN Systems. We’re ready to outfit your lobby, NY office boardroom and any other space in your building with the technology and our build out solutions you need to drive business. Fine Attention Given to Detail for Complete Customization Working with your list of criteria and the scope of the project, we’ll find the best solutions for you in commercial audio visual technology in New York. We’re making your business our business. We can incorporate a full range of options for your office that meet your needs on every level. If you aren’t sure of your needs, we’ll help you find the best elements for your system and corporate environment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brand-new company, or an established pillar of industry, we’re ready to take care of every audio visual need. Fully Integrated NY Office Build Out Solutions for Your Best Corporate Audio Visual Presentations We know your systems need to work with your daily tasks, not against it. We’ll take care to make sure you have a streamlined system from top to bottom. All of our equipment will work together so you can manage it easily and maintain complete communication with your guests, clients, and staff. Using the best in display, audio and video technology, we will help you become a constant hub of information, so not one message goes unnoticed during an office video conference or meeting. Limitless Corporate Audio Visual Services and All User-Friendly The sky’s the limit on technology. We have a comprehensive set of technology options including intercoms, office digital signage, LCD displays, projectors, speaker systems and much more. Our technology may be vast, but it won’t leave you feeling left in the dark. Our user-friendly custom panels and service options will let you control the content, rather than having it control you. Our technology will never burden you, but only help you increase awareness, sales, action, and motivation.

Auditoriums ...

Audio and Video Installations for Auditoriums in NY Our company excels in providing premium installation of audio visual technology for conference halls. Whether you need to integrate your school auditorium with a comprehensive audio video system, or outfit a community theater with new AV equipment, we’re ready to meet your space’s needs. At JVN Systems of NY, we deliver the best so you can deliver the best to your clients, students, or community. Our years of professional experience ensures your content will be broadcast to its intended audience in style. A Tailor-Made Approach for Our Auditorium AV Install Service No building is exactly alike, and we’ll design a unique setup for your space’s layout and budget. Our team will assess your budget, mission, and goals to create a personalized system for your NY auditorium’s audio video service. We understand you want your audience to focus on your content, whether it’s a simple slideshow or a full-scale audio visual production. We focus our attention to designing our systems around your space, not simply inserting a prepackaged option. Designed and built by JVN Systems, the Harold L. Atkins, M.D. Diagnostic Imaging Learning Center was initially created to meet the specific communication needs of doctors and students at the Radiological Department at Stony Brook University Hospital, who rotate regularly to the Long Island State Veteran’s Home 20 miles away. Quality Technology for All of Your Audio Visual Auditorium needs in NY We believe your message doesn’t deserve to be lost in translation, therefore, we are committed to using the best technology available in your lobby, conference room, lecture hall, and other spaces. Ascertaining what screens, speakers, and projectors will work best for you is our greatest strength. We offer a full range of premium options for your room(s), including amplifiers, loudspeakers, intercoms, mounted screens and more. Your message will be broadcast in high-definition video and stellar audio. We’ll take care to adjust the options to meet anyone in the space, including the hard-of-hearing or deaf. Every Facet of Your Auditorium Integrated With A Premium System No matter how often you use your space, quality performance is key. Whether you have a 1,200 seat lecture hall or public school auditorium in NY, we’re ready to integrate our equipment throughout your space in the most effective manner to meet your needs. Our technology options will integrate seamlessly to address every facet of the auditorium, whether you need an announcement system or a wall of screens. You’ll be able to command the attention of the room with just the push of a button. The lectern gives instructors control of the room as a lecture hall, as well as for 4-camera video / conferencing. Technology Unhindered By Your Experience Level Our professional agents will walk you through every step of using your new equipment in your auditorium’s AV system. We will have a comprehensive control panel for every element of your setup. Once installed, we don’t leave you to manage the system, but instead, we guide you through to success, so your presentations are flawless. JVN Systems delivers premium auditorium installations in NY. Features options for conference hall and audio and video installations for auditoriums, as well as conference halls audio visuals.

Multi-Purpose Rooms ...

HD Audio and Visual Equipment for Multipurpose Rooms in NY A well-equipped multipurpose room in NY begins with quality audio and visual equipment. A picture really is worth a thousand words, and you need to be sure you have the best equipment available to effectively communicate your message. No matter the size or scope of your multipurpose room’s set up, we make sure our equipment works seamlessly with its design. Ideal for New York corporate meetings, using us for multipurpose room AV systems help you get your message, presentation, and content across to everyone in the room. Utilizing The Space of Multipurpose Rooms With Crystal Clear Results We approach our multipurpose rooms installation services in NY with individualized attention to the client, their needs, and their room. We don’t have a “one size fits all” policy. Whether you conduct small meetings of a few employees or have a space more than 2,000 square feet, we’re ready to meet the needs of any multipurpose rooms in NYC to help make your presentations dynamic. Communication Made Effortless With Video and Audio Research shows that a video is worth 1.8 million words, which is why it’s such an important part of your NY presentations or meetings. We offer high definition video projectors and large projection screens with the best image possible, so not a frame of your video or presentation goes without notice. Digital speakers and a high quality sound system share audio with everyone in the room, at a quality that rivals CDs. Advanced Multimedia Capabilities and Options for Your Multipurpose Rooms’ Audio Visual Performance Your installation can include multipurpose rooms in NY with digital signage broadcast in beautiful color on plasma screens. Digital signage conveys useful information such as event schedules, corporate updates, weather feeds, and other content relayed on-screen with your messages. You’ll be able to manage your content and switch to the important elements with the touch of a button, or switch between multiple feeds appropriate for your audience. We can help you sort through all of your options for endless technology, including satellite feeds, Blu-Ray players and more. User-Friendly Premium Technology Backed By Technical Support Easy to use interfaces control all of your equipment, letting the entire multipurpose room’s audio visual setup be controlled wirelessly through WiFi. In the case of an error, we’re available for comprehensive technical support, so you can get your presentation up and running.

Distance Learning ...

Opportunities for Education and Growth with Distance Learning Education is always evolving, and in the process, it lets more individuals have a chance to experience the joy of learning. The classroom has shifted from a single room to a number of individuals connected via a network ready to share knowledge. Students who are not able to attend a class in a traditional classroom no longer have their education hindered; now education exist without limits and walls. We’re ready to help you explore this new world. Quality for Education Audio Visual Systems To Connect Individuals JVN Systems gives you the tools for comprehensive digital learning solutions in New York. Our distance learning audio visual installation service will help you bring the classroom to your students, using a combination of the elements of education via technology. Computers, audio, video, and data come together to create a memorable and successful educational experience. Illness, inclement weather, work schedules, and other obstacles can no longer fetter education thanks to distance learning. Creativity, Collaboration, Cooperation Through Connection Distance learning audio visual elements foster creativity, collaboration and cooperation. Using video and audio systems enables educators to connect with experts to speak with their class. With distance learning software, now professors and teachers can revolutionize learning by streaming educational materials such as lectures, podcasts, videos, and more. The ability to keep and present this content for a new audience is the core strength of video conferencing educational materials. Complete Integration to Maximize Learning We can create your unique hybrid classroom with any existing classroom or lecture hall. Drop-down screens, DVD players, and endless audio equipment are just a few components we can implement, and your students can join the network with a mobile device, meaning they can receive education whether at home or on the go. You tell us your needs and we’ll show you how to revolutionize your teaching in NY.

Digital Signage ...

High Definition Digital Signage Installation in NY JVN Systems are experts at digital signage installation for your office or building. Digital signage can be useful to show upcoming events, reminders, contact information and more. Images and information are presented to individuals via LCD and LED screens in vibrant color. When you want to implement digital signage in a lobby, conference room, office or other location in NY, we’re ready to offer premium installation of your new digital signage system. Imagine the impression a first-time visitor will have when they enter your office and see your content streaming on high-definition screens. We are ready to take your vision and make it a reality. Helping You Embrace A Premium Industry Trend For Your Business or Organization Corporate digital signage is a rising trend, and if you want to stay on the cusp of innovation, look no further than JVN Systems. Digital signage lets you communicate information quickly and efficiently, in a seamless stream compared to announcing it overhead. You can inform your visitors and workers about scheduled changes, upcoming activities, corporate board meetings, and much more. Giving You the Tools to Success With Building Digital Signage in NY Digital signage is an affordable business tool that will create increased awareness of events and products for your company. Communicating the features and benefits of a company can result in increased sales and help influence purchase or participation decisions by individuals. We are prepared to analyze the scope of your project to deliver any information you need to communicate via digital signage in New York. What You Can Accomplish With Digital Signage Display Technology There are numerous benefits to having digital signage technology for your office or any other facet of your business operations. A quality sales tool: Using digital signage software allows you to present a portfolio of your work and accomplishments. An affordable way to help individuals stay informed: Digital signage can display an updated stream of information within minutes, compared to printing entirely new marketing materials for different events. Get the attention of New Yorkers with a dynamic presence: Individuals are automatically drawn to technology, they notice screens first. A digital screen will grab attention more than a standard sign. Limitless technology: Digital Signage Installations in NY are showing in hospitals, offices, schools, colleges, restaurants and a number of other New York locations.

TeleMedicine ...

Telemedicine Solutions & Set Up Telemedicine Systems Improving Patient Health Through Technology In medicine, seconds and minutes count; however, doctors may not always be able to readily diagnose someone due to distance, time, or other obstacles. Telemedicine is an emerging technological breakthrough giving medical providers the tools to diagnose and treat patients via the Internet. As one of the foremost telemedicine companies in New York, JVN Systems has partnered with multiple medical providers and hospitals to help them improve patient care and treatment. Our work in telehealth includes cardiologists, radiologists, pediatricians, surgeons, and other medical professionals. Premium Telemedicine Systems to Help Provide Your Patients The Care They Deserve We have experience identifying what you, as a healthcare provider, need for your patients when it comes to telemedicine. We can help you establish a thorough audio and visual telemedicine system that utilizes high-quality technology for audio and video conferencing. Access to a trusted medical provider shouldn’t be blocked by life’s obstacles, and we make it possible for anyone to receive the care they need via telemedicine. Now your physicians can monitor a patient at home, look at over medical tests, and perform any other needed medical functions. Specialty care is no longer a limit with a reliable telemedicine system offering up-to-the-minute updates and information of a patient’s health status. Telemedicine Technology for Collaboration, Diagnosis and Teaching Innovation Telemedicine software not only improves patient diagnosis and treatment, but it lets doctors from different areas collaborate in real-time to address issues of concern. The technology also promotes teaching innovation. Scanning systems and other elements of a telemedicine setup will allow residents to capture, stream, and record material to play back later. It’s important today’s doctors - young and old - stay current with medical advances, which is why we work to make your telemedicine system an indispensable teaching tool for all medical providers.

Cisco TelePresence ...

HD Telepresence Solutions For Businesses in NY Collaboration is a key and strategic priority for any business in our ever growing, faster, and increasingly complex world. You need everyone on the same page and to scale your resources in several places at once. You also need to maintain your relationships with your growing network of colleagues, customers, agencies, partners and advisers. Cisco Telepresence Puts People at the Center of Collaboration Your Cisco HD Telepresence installation in NY enables your New York office to collaborate with video experiences that transforms your business, accelerates innovation, and lets you do more with less. This next-generation video conference makes everyone more productive through natural, face-to-face and lifelike communication. Multipurpose Experience Multipurpose team telepresence systems turn your New York meeting rooms into telepresence rooms integrating standards-based video phones, PC-based AV solutions, and third-party telepresence systems into one large video conferencing network. Your teams will be more productive with a high-definition true-to-life Cisco HD Telepresence installation in NY. Personal Experience Personal HD telepresence desktop appliances and mobile video solutions bring video conferencing out of the boardroom. You can enjoy the same benefits of immediate, face-to-face communication from your desk, home, New York office, or a Manhattan coffee shop. Solutions Experience Cisco's high-quality, industry-leading video and audio codecs work with your environment and requirements to create powerful and flexible systems to bring your customer’s visions to life.

AV Services

"Design and Build"
It's not some empty branding phrase that JVN Systems throws around to impress clients. The Design and Build approach is the cornerstone of our business philosophy - the foundation of our commitment to doing things right in the Audio Visual Industry.

AV System Design ...

Innovative Audio Visual Design Services Very simply, the Design-and-Build approach means that JVN provides clients with a one-stop, cost-efficient resource for all of their audio-visual needs. As a consultant, JVN completely designs and specifies audio-visual systems. As an experienced project manager, JVN ensures all of the pieces are in place to deliver systems exactly as promised. And as a certified installer, JVN correctly and efficiently translates technology designs into fully functioning systems. This comprehensive approach is unique in the world of of audio-visual systems and it's what sets JVN atop our industry. System consultants are invested in concepts, not the actual project execution. And installers are on the bid-clock and often ill-prepared to deliver on a designer's specs. The result: A project translation gap that means missed deadlines, unexpected compromises, systems that never seem to work right and, inevitably, extra expenses. Not with JVN. Our NY team is invested in the client at every step with a start-to-finish approach that designs and delivers sophisticated systems on time, on budget and fully operable. JVN never forgets that we are working for you. That single-minded dedication - from first design draft to switching on an installed system - is reflected for our clients in three key areas: Expertise: JVN is first and foremost an audio-visual technology consultant. our system designers have years of experience installing sophisticated audio-visual frameworks for large enterprises. We stay on top of the latest technologies and maintain relationships with big and small vendors alike. Our unique design-and-build approach means we are always able to match the right equipment to the right job, because our designers know what works in the field, not just in theory. Project Management: Because JVN handles projects from room design to installation, clients don't have to worry about managing different vendors to deliver their ⦁ corporate audio visual services. JVN is the client's on-site representative, working closely with architects, electricians, and other contractors. Our team of project managers, designers, engineers, project coordinators and installers works as one unit from start to finish. Systems are designed and staged at JVN, and many components are delivered already assembled. The result is an error-free system delivered on time, on budget and with as little on-site disruption as possible. Cost-Efficiency: JVN's comprehensive approach also means competitive pricing. We generate cost savings and efficiencies that design- and install-only contractors just can't offer. With JVN, you're not paying a separate line-item cost for system design, for example, because our audio visual room design is included in the actual engineering and delivery of your project. We create quality, forward-thinking systems with a cost-conscious vision that maximizes your investment today and five years down the line, emphasizing flexibility and scalability - not obscurity. Don't underestimate the costs of poorly designed systems, ill-matched equipment, and delays and downtime. Clearly, JVN's design-and-build approach offers an unmatched level of knowledge, process and efficiency. But more than anything, JVN's clients tell us that it means one thing for them: peace of mind. Because we are with you at every step, JVN offers a level of accountability and reliability that just can't be found in our industry. Simply put, JVN means expertise, comprehensive project management and sophisticated audio-visual at cost-effective prices. Why look anywhere else?

AV Systems Installation ...

Advanced Audio Visual Installation The JVN Systems audio visual installation team is lead by a systems’ Engineer who is responsible for the overall scope of work and functionality. A Project Coordinator is assigned and available for the duration of the project. The Project Coordinator is responsible for all communication between JVN Systems and the client. The Project Manager, who works hand-in-hand with the Project Coordinator and the systems’ Engineer, makes regular site visits and is responsible for the primary schedule and audio video installation. A successful JVN Systems AV installation is a coordinated effort between JVN Systems and several other professional trades who will include: Architects, General Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Millworker, Lighting Designers, etc. The JVN Systems team will interface at all levels with the client and contractors. JVN Systems pre-build and stages all systems in our corporate offices. Systems are completely tested prior to on-site deployment. Project Managers ensure that rough-in, cable pulls and infrastructure are provided prior to rack systems being delivered on-site. JVN Systems CTS Technicians deliver rack systems and provide final terminations. Lead Field Engineers and systems’ Programmers provide the last step of turning the system on, final testing, and hands-on training. This process of best practices is JVN Systems’ way of saying "flawless execution is the only option."

AV Systems Maintenance and Service ...

Audio Visual Maintenance and Service.

Systems Upgrades ...

Audio Visual Systems Upgrades.

AV Control Management ...

NY Audio Visual Control Management Systems JVN Systems takes pride in designing and building sophisticated audio visual systems for companies in the NY area. More fundamental, though, we pride ourselves on building systems that users can actually operate. Since the dawn of the programmable VCR, "audio-visual" and "user-friendly" have seemed to be opposing terms. That's what makes JVN different. No matter how complex the client's request or how sophisticated the technology, JVN builds a consistent level of control management into every system we create. You'll be hard-pressed to find this emphasis on ease of use and intuitive support elsewhere in our industry. Specifically, this top-level control management is achieved through an emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and unified platforms that are easily understood and operated by everyone from executive users to I.T. staff. This is the very heart of the JVN framework: A single platform that fully integrates an enterprise's audio visual requirements into a unified system that, for the user, is as simple to operate as punching a keypad or clicking on a web-based control screen. From our signature one-touch control panel to our focus on fully networked, IP-connected systems, JVN is able to ensure that "sophisticated" never means impossible to figure out. The user-friendly JVN Framework draws on five crucial principles: Integration: JVN pulls all functions essential to the audio-visual system into a single platform. Beyond audio and video, the JVN framework fully integrates with environmental and facility systems, such as lighting, HVAC, telecom, and the IP network. Unified Control: The single, unified control panel is the hallmark of a JVN system. Users operate every function - from setting volume to selecting video sources - with an interface that's as simple as a graphical touch-panel or as flexible as a point-and-click webpage. Whether wall-mounted, table-mounted or wireless handhelds, these single controls anchor every JVN audio visual system. Consistency: Control panels and interfaces are the same from room to room and location to location. Whether we do one installation at a New York site or 20, our systems are consistent and fully scalable. Support: IP connectivity is an essential part of every JVN system. Because our platform is fully available on a client's network, I.T. staff can easily support the audio-visual services, monitoring and operating all essential functions remotely whenever needed. Firmware and software updates also can be tracked and scheduled by I.T. staff, and even handled by KVN if the client desires. Maintenance: IP connectivity also adds a level of oversight that consistently produces big savings for our clients. Using the RoomView software from Crestron Electronics, JVN allows I.T. staff to monitor systems and schedule maintenance accordingly. The savings can be huge. For example, replacing a projector lamp before it blows is far more cost-efficient than taking the projector out of service to clean out melted glass and repair the damaged motherboard after the fact. The user-friendly focus of the JVN Framework means complex system operations are familiar and easy to understand as the ATM screen at the corner bank. One selection off a JVN touch-panel triggers a multitude of functions. Our easy-to-use-systems do their work behind the scenes so that you can seamlessly do your work in front of your audience. Our corporate audio-visual systems are as sophisticated and cutting-edge as any vendor. The difference is that they're also easy to use.