The Value of Great AV Installation and how your company benefits;

As technology becomes smarter so do the companies that invest in it to better the daily function of their operation. Not only have the technologies involved in doing business in the modern world become more intelligent, but so have the people in charge of the businesses that make the modern world hum. Now more than ever, companies are embracing analytics, planning, organization, and a deeper fundamental understanding of worker's skillsets to provide better services and increase their efficiency. Nowhere is this more evident than in the usage of high-tech audio/visual equipment. The capabilities of modern software, speakers, projectors, phones and other equipment have given modern companies unprecedented advantages. Great AV installation has the capability of putting a company over the top in the eyes of industry professionals, prospective employees, and most importantly, customers. Let's look more at the value of great AV installation and how companies can benefit from it.

First, What goes into AV Installation?
Since most equipment is fairly straightforward, and they are all equipped with an easy-to-read manual, it should be easy to just install it all yourself, right? That's not the case in reality. Not only is it a large project that will take a lot of time and money, untrained hands will likely not do the job right or not do it in a way that maximizes efficiency. What's lost on many modern businesses is that AV installation is not just plugging in wires and setting up screens or turning knobs; in fact, it's a very complex process. Here are just a few of the difficult tasks that we perform here at JVN:

  • Setup- setup isn't easy, but it's probably one of the most straightforward aspects of our services. We make sure everything is ready to go, plugged in, powered on, in the right spot, and equipped with the right software or hardware, depending on what you need.
  • Professional design- we don't just offer products and installation. If you want to get things done right, then you're going to need professional design services as well. The right design is essential to maximizing the value of your system.
  • Maintenance- even if something is built to last, it can't last forever. Things will need regular maintenance to remain effective. Bad companies donⴠcare about it, but the best ones help you long after the installation is complete.
  • Specific industry specializations- the best companies will know exactly how to tailor services to fit a specific industry.
This of course is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more services such as retailing top-notch products, control management services, and consulting are also important to the industry.

The Benefits of Great AV Installation
To use a more everyday example, imagine your company was in search of moving company to help bring everything to a new office. Imagine that the movers didn't pack things carefully, showed up late, didn't know where to put anything, and didn't know how to carry the boxes properly. The move would go wrong, and your company would worse off for it. AV installation is even more important, since what the installers do will affect your company in multiple ways for many years down the line. The right company will improve your productivity, increase efficiency, increase employee satisfaction, and lead to better educational opportunities for your company, practice, or educational institution. Here are the major benefits of great AV installation:

  • Cutting-edge designs- all of the best building materials in the world canⴠmake a great home if the design is subpar. Same goes with the rooms in your building. If you need a conference room, auditorium, or other space for AV equipment, then the design has to be right. A study done in 1999 revealed that physical workplace design was one of the top 3 factors for employee productivity. Innovative designs will help give the room the right curves, lighting, and visual factors that help facilitate learning, communication, and overall enjoyment.
  • Better equipment- the best companies will offer consultation services with their clients to make sure that they get exactly what they need. Great AV installation needs to be tailored to the client regardless of need or industry. Specializations at JVN include the telemedical industry, educational auditoriums, conference and meeting rooms, and more. We will help you get exactly what you need. The most expensive equipment is not always the best or best-suited for your needs.
  • Higher morale- it has been proven that certain strategies increase employee morale. The happier your employees are, the better they work and the more sales that you get.
  • Custom solutions- professional installation experts will help get you the custom solution that you need. Each business is different and has different needs. You can maximize your value by getting not just a great service, but the service that's perfect for you.
  • Expert repairs- all rooms and the products are in them will need tune-ups. Just like you bring your car to the shop or yourself to the doctor. A great company shouldnⴠleave you hanging after the installation ends. Great services go far beyond that. Long-term repair contracts and the capabilities of fixing anything on the spot will help keep your company flowing even when unexpected emergencies happen.

Companies are continuing to invest more and more in high-quality audio and visual solutions to help bring their operations into the 21st century. Improved design and equipment can help make a company more productive, efficient, successful, and appealing to top-level talent and to prospective companies. Great AV installation services will help increase employee morale, meeting effectiveness, company efficiency, and the overall function of your business. That means less money spent and more earned. The benefits to businesses are clear, and the gap between the best in the business and the pretenders continues to widen every day. Donⴠlet bad audio/visual companies sell you on low prices and fast services. Getting a great company is worth every penny.

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Call Today: 631-242-3600