Audio Visual Consultants 101 - Everything You Need to Know

Anyone who's tried to set up a home entertainment system knows how difficult it can be to get audio or video components set up right and functioning properly. For businesses, that processes is magnified to the power of 10. Your company is under the strain of intense competition, global responsibilities, and a 24-hour business cycle that requires your constant attention, and all of that happens on a grander scale as the size of your company increases. High-quality AV is pivotal to success in the modern business environment, but how can businesses with little to no experience understand what would be best for their industry, needs, and budget? What's the best way to ensure that a project is well-planned, efficient, and costs as little as possible? The answer is audio visual consultants. AV consultants are the backbone of any successful project, but there is still some confusion as to what JVN's consultants do for their high-end clients as part of our fully integrated services. Here's everything you need to know before contacting us to take things further.

Which Services Do AV Consultants Offer?
JVN is a full-service AV company that takes a holistic approach to providing audio/visual solutions. That means we want to be fully involved with our clients in terms of consultation, design, implementation, and maintenance. Most of our consultancy services are available as part of the full package; however, some clients are just looking to be consulted before going it alone or making a decision for which company to use. Either way, the most common services that our AV consultants provide are:
Design consultation & room design is the foundation of any successful AV project. Conferencing rooms, auditoriums, multipurpose rooms and more all need to be designed with a purpose in mind. Proper design can increase productivity, output, and efficiency, as well be more aesthetically pleasing to clients and employees. Our consultants will keep your space, wishes, and budget in mind en route to providing valuable design advice.
Technical recommendations in this industry change faster than the speed of sound. New and exciting technologies are constantly rolling out, and that often presents a challenge to companies that don't know what they need or what they should spend their budget on. A consultant will have valuable knowledge and experience in the industry. They know what works in which industries, how much you should budget, and what you can expect to get when purchasing products. They can find shortcuts and replacements to save money or save you time by showing exactly what you need and who to buy it from.
Project management, designing the room, purchasing the products, and implementing the system makes for a very large project. A consultant has seen many of all shapes and sizes. They will help make each project go off without a hitch, acting as a valuable bridge between the client and our team members. They will manage down to the minute detail each phase of the project and make sure everything is on time and on target.

Which industries do we serve?
There isn't industry in New York City that wouldn't benefit from better AV systems. Every office or building could benefit from better speakers, software, monitors, and microphones. It's especially true for the high-end, Fortune 500 clients that we serve. In that rarified air, perception is key. If you are a business that exudes prestige, you need to have the look and feel to match. That being said, our consultants specialize in a few industries.

They are:
  • Fortune 500s are the world's largest and wealthiest companies come with a unique set of needs that only an experienced company can meet. The sheer size and importance of these AV projects necessitates a skilled and experienced consultant to help smooth things out. Fortune 500 companies need pristine AV in their executive boardrooms, meeting rooms, conference halls, and large solution centers. New York City is the place to be for Fortune 500s, and JVN is the AV company for them.
  • Academia the academic industry is one that is focused on communication and transferring knowledge from those with it to those who wish to learn. The future of society is incubated in these halls, and their messages are conveyed using crisp audio and high-definition video solutions. We design better auditoriums and classrooms for this city's world-renowned academic institutions.
  • Financial New York City is the home of the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, and more skyscrapers than just about anywhere. It is the center of world finance. JVN's audio visual consultants help the financial industry by designing and implementing easy-to-use telepresence, audio, and visual systems for the financial industry to help the high-pressure professionals in the industry make the right decision at the right time(and look and sound great while doing it!).

Which projects can an AV consultant help with?
In short, our consultants can do just about anything you need, but we understand that some clients want to know exactly which situations they might be needed for. No problem. Over the years, JVN has noticed a few specific times when a consultant is absolutely necessary. If you need any of the following, then a consultant is absolutely necessary:

  • Conference room design
  • Event set up
  • Video-conferencing systems
  • Telepresence systems
  • Commercial surround-sound
  • Seminar setup
  • Festivals or concert AV setup
  • Employee events
  • AV for conferences
  • Room design and renovation
These are just a handful of the most common ones. There are still many more. It's best to contact us first so we can know exactly what we are dealing with. Audio visual consultants are a key piece of the puzzle in terms of a successful AV project. Their management skills, knowledge, and experience in the industry help provide valuable advice when it comes to design, product purchasing, and project management. Whether youⲥ in finance, academia, or health care, or are a Fortune 500, it's important to work with a knowledgeable company that employs people who can effectively communicate the nuances of this industry. Need help with your next AV project? Talk to our consultants immediately.

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Call Today: 631-242-3600