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Audio Visual Technology Made Simple.

JVN Systems is a leading provider of audio-visual solutions to Corporate and Academic clients. We design and install a variety of audio-visual solutions including Video Conference Rooms, Audio Teleconference Rooms, Academic Lecture Halls, Multi-purpose Rooms, Telepresence, Distance Learning, Telemedicine, Digital Signage Installations, and various other AV solutions. We handle the audio-visual design and build for office space buildouts of various sizes. JVN Systems offers various services including audio-visual systems design, installation, maintenance and service, systems upgrades, and control management.

With over 21 years in business, JVN Systems has proven to be a trusted technology partner for our clients. Our select Audio Visual professionals on staff are experienced and highly capable of delivering high quality AV systems in a manner which takes complex requirements and provides the end users with an intuitive and streamlined user interface. We have talented field engineers who commission systems in an efficient and thorough manner. With our technology knowledge, we are capable of delivering modern day systems which other AV companies simply can not.

JVN Systems maintains the core of its operations in Long Island, New York. From our corporate headquarters we are able to stage new systems and support all of our customers quickly and effectively. A large portion of our clients are located in Manhattan. We do have nationwide installations as well.

If you would like a conversation with one of our client representatives to discuss your needs and how we can be of service, feel free to call, email, or use the contact form accessible from the main menu above. We pride ourselves in listening to your unique needs and understanding where you are coming from.

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